3D Paper Pieced Handbags and so much more...

Hi there! Today I'm super excited to share some amazing 3D projects with you. I'm a card maker at heart but every now and again a set comes out which I just love. When that happens I make a TON of projects and I'm sure you'll see this design from me again and again.
Let me introduce you to the Belgravia Handbag! 
Instructions Part 1 

Instructions Part 2
  1. Die cut your panels and detail dies. Two of the largest dies cuts will create your handbag.
  2. Adhere panels together and paper piece.
  3. Fold largest panel and use wet glue to assemble. Repeat.
  4. Slide one panel over the other and adhere tabs.
  5. Add handle.
  6. Slide closed using paper clasp.
If that wasn't cute enough here is one I made with WALLPAPER! Adhered just the same with wet glue, I think it looks amazing. Have you ever used wallpaper before and if so, I'd love to see your project. 
This is the back, using the same wallpaper, just a different section. 
You can also mix up the design and make a fun clutch bag. 
You can also use the strap in a different way and use magnets to hold your bag shut. 
I also made a matching bag using the Morwenna! This is also part of the Wednesdie Deals. Aren't they cool as a set?
 This is a larger handbag that is just as fun!
 The Morwenna comes with some additional elements to create tags.
I've had the best time making these bags.  Here is a few with patterned papers. 
 This is my favourite.
I absolutely love these papers from Polkadoodles.
I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed making all these wonderful bags.
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  1. Hi Jen, these are beautiful as usual. Like the idea of wallpaper! Did you know you can get wallpaper books that are outdated from vendors who sell wallpaper and carpet. lol Just fyi. I really like painting on wallpaper with acrylic paints. Thanks for sharing.


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